Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show 2016

“Exotic and Interesting…”

Jennifer Garrigues worked closely with Senior Designer Margaret Poetz to create this exotic and interesting room. She had just returned from Africa and was left with visions of the big cats in Kenya and Tanzinia. Immediately she knew she wanted to incorporate the beautiful and proud animals in their booth. Luckily her dear friend and artist, Helmut Koller, had a large canvas of a dark purple leopard, “Ajani”. The booth has a suggestion of Africa. It is not formal but interesting. The color of the wallpaper is light cream with silver running throughout. The pillows are a nod to “Ajani’s” emerald green eyes and dark purple coat. Ajani means victorious and powerful, which he is! The furniture is covered in textured fabrics which are a suggestion of the country’s vast landscape of brush and silky grasses.