Red Cross Designer Show House 2016


“First impressions are lasting impressions…”

Jennifer Garrigues worked closely with Senior Designer Diana El Daher in the design of the Entry Foyer. Creating a beautiful “first” impression as well as a lasting “last” impression was one of the goals. By enveloping the space with a soft texture through the use of a gorgeous warm-gold woven grasscloth, we created a backdrop for the beautiful furnishings, exotic draperies and brightly colored art that echo the streamlined Art Deco influences within the house. A feeling of glamour and elegance, the highlight of that era, is captured in this inviting space with the highly geometric mirrored console and mirror. On the opposite wall, gold toned bookcases, architectural in design, showcase collected treasures from around the world. The texture of the stenciled zebra rugs play off the soft color of a metallic glazed ceiling coffer featuring a hand-blown glass light fixture of shimmering gold. Leaving the house after a visit, we hope the visitor leaves with a lingering image of the timeless elegance of a bygone era.

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  1. These designs look really good for the interior theme. They are all very modern and can fit a home that wanted to establish this kind of interior design. The mirror is very beautiful.


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